Saturday, February 21, 2009


Grandpa and I went to the movies on Saturday! It was we completely unforgettable movie, it was absolutly wonderful. The movie was called "Taken". Liam Niesen played the father of a 17 year old who is spoiled rotten, by her rich stepfather and mother. She wants to go to France with a friend but her father didnt want her to go. Her father is trained in EVERYTHING... she gets taken and he goes to find her. It is a 2 hour movie of adventure and action. On top of this great movie; grandpa took you to Primos for lunch. We shared the collassal burger and we still left leaving food. afterwards we went antiquing and found things to look at but nothing that we wanted to buy. We went home and watched tv and everything we watched was BORING!!! You gotta watch this movie! Dennis this isnt exactly a date movie but if you love action gotta see. We love you papa and mama


Andrew Waite said...

yeah... that movie was alright. Now, if you want to see a good movie come see my movie this Friday at the Fox... now that's a GOOD movie!

Amber Waite said...

What a fun date! I really liked that movie too! That guy really kicked some butt! And I could totally go for a colossal burger right now... Yum!

David said...

i trained him in EVERYTHING!!!