Friday, November 23, 2007


This started with me reading all my grandchildrens Blogs each night before I went to bed. Little did I realize the power that this Blog create's.
So here is the start of our familes journal, Nov. 23 2007.
I will be doing all the writing as my husband Paul is not a computer person, but is interesting to write about, at least to me. We, that's me, MaryAnn (named after 2 grandma's ), and Paul have been married for almost 25 years, It was a third marriage for both of us and we were married Apr. 16 1983, in Los Vegas, Nev. He proposed to me by saying he did'nt love me, but that he needed me, and I needed him. I knew right then I wanted to marry him, for his honesty,and I felt very comfortable as we had been brother and sister in law's for over 15 years, I thought I knew him well. Well 24 plus years later I am still getting to know him. Just when I think I have him all figured out he up's and changes on me. But! I still made the right decision by saying YES to his crazy proposal. Actually, it was the best decision I have ever made!!!!
We have 3 sons between us, mine \, Mike and Dennis Fitzgerald, from a first marriage of 10 years to Daniel Fitzgerald, now deceased. Paul's son is also Paul, so we call him little Paul, although he is at least 6 ft. tall, and his dad is 5'8" and shrinking. Oh he will kill me for that.
Mike has been married to Tamasine for a long time, I should know, I was young when they got married and I'm old now! We call her Tammy, and she is the proud mom to 4 almost grown children, Nichole, Amber, Scott, and Kory. None of them have middle names because MIke refused to give them to them because whenever I would get mad at him as a child I would call him by his full name, Michael Patrick Fitzgerald. He say's he hated that.
Mike and Tammy live about 6 blocks from us and that's nice. I love my daughter in Love, she is an angel and did a real nice job of raising their children, Kory's still home at 17 and he is great at sports, especially Hocky. He is an Uncle to 4 children who I will name as I get to each of their parent's. Is he a great uncle?? YES, his nieces and nephews love him very much.